Drive Away Price Calculator

Pendelton Consulting

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LCT Threshold - Enter the current LCT Threshold including GST

Low Consumption - Enter the Low Consumption LCT Threshold including GST.

GST Rate - Enter the GST Rate.

LCT Rate - Enter the LCT Rate.

Reg - Enter the default Registration amount for each type of vehicle, i.e. New, Used and Demo.

Limit - Enter the Stamp Duty Limits for each type of vehicle.

Rate - Enter the Stamp Duty Rate that is applicable for each type of vehicle and Limit.

Rounding - Enter the amount that the Stamp Duty Price is rounded to.
Once done, press the Save button.
You can adjust these settings at any time. If rates or amounts change, just enter them in this screen and press the Save button.
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The Drive Away Price app allows you to maintain the relevant rate and limits for your state. Just access this screen to update or review them.